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What? Did you just say Applebees?

Yes. I did. I’m not proud. I’m sure you know this already, but I’m a snob. I’ll eat in diners and the like, but something about national chains gets me down.¬†Yet Applebees happens sometimes because it’s easy; say you’re in, oh, Oneonta, NY, and your options are, uh, Applebees and Walmart, you go with Applebees.

And now I’ll go back. Not entirely because of the 9 ounce wine they pour (oenophiles are rolling their eyes everywhere) but because the kids meals and the relatively low calorie plates, but mostly the cheap wine.

We were in Oneonta for one night to watch Jake ride at the New York Safety Track and needed a kid friendly, alcohol serving, sit down meal to get ourselves through til bedtime with our four year old. While the King Suite as the Super 8 provided the weeman with his own space, Mommy was feeling a bit washed out after the four hour car ride that consisted mostly of someone repeatedly asking why. Why, Mama, why do airplanes use jet fuel? Why do dogs have fur? Why aren’t we living in a story right now?

Don’t judge me, you’d need a drink too.

So, Applebees. Where it turns out they have healthy kids choices presented in a way kids would actually consider eating them; crayons that actually leave color on the paper (I know you’ve been handed those cheap ass waxy things that don’t write in other places); a kids cup with a strong lid; and an option to pour 9 ounces of wine all in one glass. Alas, they no longer have balloons after some child somewhere reportedly tried to eat one and choked.

Adam ate chicken and applesauce, the adults shared some spicy shrimp and then had two the lower cal options (mine was steak with articokes and mushrooms, Jake’s has slipped my mind). For dessert we shared Adam’s favorite thing ever–s’mores. Note this is a take on s’mores that involves no fire; just churros, chocolate sauce and some fluff.

Really, it wasn’t amazing and the wine list isn’t great, BUT it was solid, inexpensive and pleasant. I’m really surprised!!


Maybe we should change our name to travel with a baby…

Things I learned on our first road trip with Adam:
1. Driving 350 miles at night with an eight week old sucks.
2. Driving 350 miles during the day with an eight week old sucks.
3. A certificate of live birth is good enough for US Customs; not one question regarding Adam’s citizenship.
4. Disposable diapers do not hold baby poop nearly as well as my Grovia, BumGenius, or Rumparooz cloth diapers.
5. Baby poop on the bouncy seat cover, the carseat cover, a bathmat, two onsies, my hand, and a baby’s chest will cause delays and scare teenage boys.
6. The likelihood that a disposable diaper will leak pee when the baby wearing said diaper is napping on your host’s bed is directly correlated with how much you are enjoying the dinner prepared by the aforementioned host.
7. Pack-n-Play neither packs nor plays; what engineering marvel thought a plastic zipper would contain a collapsable crib that really doesn’t want to collapse?
8. We would do it all again because we loved being able to spend time with A2theB, The Amazing Carol, and CatMax!!

Did we learn anything about road trips with babies that will help us next time? I’m not sure. We are probably not going to Lake Placid next month for training camp with Coach Mary and TrainThis–5 hour drives are too much for the man just now. Of course, being a baby, he could be completely different by then! We will probably go to Elmira this weekend though, that’s only two hours and there are plenty of relatives to hand Angry Adam off too. We also learned that you can’t have too many onsies, that an established routine can only take you so far with a baby, and finally, Adam will take a bottle of breast milk from anyone, including me…I worry about his future with strangers and candy…