RMSC Uncorked

Friday night we had a grown up night at the Rochester Museum and Science Center; we’re members and like to do the adult only fundraisers because it allows to actually look at exhibits we like for as long as we like without someone (ahem, Raddy G….) insisting that we move along.

I’m glad we went, but I’m not sure I’d go again. There were a wealth of local wineries, restaurants, breweries, bakeries, etc all with tastings included in the ticket. Sounds great, right? It was, mostly. To sum up: too crowded to actually talk to any vendor about their product and not enough, um, quality? Maybe that’s the food and wine snob in me (and I’m far from having a well developed palate) but there were only two wineries that I had what I would consider some of the best the Finger Lakes has to offer. And don’t get me started on the abomination that was the amatriciana from Mario’s. We’ve never had a great version outside of Rome, but this was basically orecchiette with sweet tomato sause, not the wonderfully fatty guanciale and tomato over bucatini that is typical.  I would have loved to talk to the Owl House rep longer, and the Silver Thread Winery owner too, but the crowd was huge!

The upside was walking through the temporary DaVinci exhibit with plenty of time and glass of (too sweet and not great) wine.  It focuses on many of his drawings turned into the three dimensional inventions he had in mind and also includes a very detailed analysis of the Mona Lisa. We enjoyed that so much we might go back.

In the end, I’m glad the museum can hold popular fundraisers, but I wish they could spread out the sampling area throughout the musem to relieve the crowds and encourage people to look at more exhibits. We left after two hours, annoyed by the impossiblity of actually relaxing and enjoying our samples, headed over to Char at the Strathallen and had an excellent unplanned dinner.  (review to come)


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