What happened to our last wine shipment? Uh, we drank it.

wine shipment

March Shipment-Ravines Wine Club

So the March shipment was pretty good, all wines we really like from Ravines Wine Cellars. On the left, almost invisible (thanks, stupid daylight!) is the 2013 Gewurztraminer, then 2011 Artgetsinger Dry Reisling, followed by 2013 Kueka Village Red and 2012 Pinot Noir.

First to go was the Pinot. We had some charcuterie and bread for dinner (pretty typical Friday night fare around here) and opend this. And then the the Village Red went too.  Viviane at Foodandstyle.com does a much better job than I at describing what there is to love about Ravines Pinot, and although this was a differenct vintage her description of a light-in-color, delicate-in-taste wine is spot on and we too, paired some cherry tomatoes tossed with oil and arugala with this. When that was gone we opened the Village Red.

Village Red is my dirty secret wine. It’s very easy to drink and pair, light, a tiny bit sweet and…mixed with some Orange Sunkist and fruit is awesome Sangria. I know. Whatever, it’s good stuff.

So half the bottle was gone. Just a few nights later we were having a cheese board for dinner (I know…but bread and cheese are delicious) with some gouda, young cheddar, asiago and mozzarella. Perhaps not the best mix, but all of them need a sweeter wine, so we drank the Gewurztraminer. Here’s what I like about Ravines Gewurzt–it doesn’t taste like I’m eating flowers. I really have always hated Gewurztraminer for the intense florals in the ones I’ve tasted. This is not like that at all. Again, someone else has described it better than I (thanks, Joe!).

The last bottle, the Argetsinger Reisling will have to wait. We met Sam Argetsinger last summer at Ravines and loved him right away. A man who believed in a full pour, drank his own wine, loved what he did, and learned viticulture at a late age. He died  in December and the Finger Lakes lost someone special; Jake and I have been so lucky to have been able to meet and talk with him. Evan Dawson wrote a lovely post on the New York Cork Report, that like all things, is much better than I could have done.


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