Anywhere Wednesday

If I could be anywhere on this Wednesday it would be Atrani. In a perfect world, I’d be in our previous B and B high up Atrani’s eastern slope, looking over the water with a big ass plate of prosciutto and fresh moz, washed down by a local white.

Alas, Frances and Bruno closed up shop to focus on wedding photography and music. I can’t blame them, if you could, wouldn’t you keep this view for yourself instead of serving breakfast EVERY SINGLE DAY to others while they enjoy the view?

The view from the now closed Rooms With View, Atrani, Italy

So, I’ve had to find a new place  in Atrani to imagine sitting and this one is almost as good:

Dolce Vita in Amalfi: Green House, Balcony, Atrani, Italy

It’s in the same area, looking over St. Mary Magdalene church (google yourself some MC Escher Atrani to see his multiple versions of this church) and the sea. I’m a creature of habit I guess, but when you find a place like this, a town like this, a view like this, you want to spend all of your free time there!


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