I miss my blog…

I do. I’ve recently started to plan a trip to Italy for our 5th anniversary next year and I realized how much I missed recording the plans and having those notes to look back on. After spending hours down the rabbit hole of my own blog (navel gazing much?) reading forgotten events, I decided its time.

We do stuff, you know, we didn’t just sit around for the last two years since I’ve posted. We’ve been to Disney with Raddy G and my parents twice, and two more times alone. We started an annual traditional a grown-ups only trip to Key West and continued our streak at the Disney Food and Wine Festival. And I spent the better part of the last year as a semi-road warrior, traveling to DC and Philadelphia for work regularly. Sadly most of what another flyertalk forum member refered to as the “death barge sewer pipe from hell.” No truer words have been spoken about the CRJ-200.

In the coming weeks we are headed to Detroit and Hell, MI for a weekend of trail running and beer drinking (attendance of the boy TBD); Disney for the Food and Wine Festival and our first time at the French Regional Lunch; and five nights in Key West coming up in January. I’ve already booked our DVC two-bedroom suite at Animal Kingdom Lodge for our family trip in May and we’ve begun planning a 5th Anniversary trip to Rome, for just the big people in our house. So, there is a ton to write about and record and I’m going to try to remember the billions of apartments/hotels/flights I’ve looked at, the management of rewards in two hotel systems and across two airlines, and how we’re managing childcare for these very indulgent adult trips.

A note on that before anyone gets worked up that we don’t include our son on all of our: We both feel strongly that grown-up-get-aways are as important as family time. We’ve taken our son to Disney as his introduction to airline travel and hotel stays and will expand his experiences as he is more able to enjoy and appreciate them (ie, I’m not taking him to Rome when he’s four, but will certainly do it when he’s a bit older). Our family is very lucky to be both financially able to take trips like these and have the local grandparents who look forward to their childcare opportunities. As Raddy G get older, his inclusion in the more ‘adult’ trips become more and more likely and we hope to instill a sense of adventure, wonder, and excitement in him when it comes to travel.

Off we go!!


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