Taking the Scenic Route AKA the Slow Boat to Fort Ticonderoga

We’ve been back from Burlington for over a month and I never wrote about the drive home. East Middlebury is pretty far south and a bit east of Burlington, so our trip home wouldn’t be exactly the same route and we had to continually ignore the GPS in order to stay on rural roads (we heard “recalculating” about a billion times).

And then we got here (I apologize for the shabby iphone pic):

Fort Ticonderoga Ferry: you request it by pulling a rope attached to a sign that flips up…very high tech!

That’s the southern part of Lake Champlain and Fort Ticonderoga is just on the other side. To go around would be 40 miles south, while the longest wait for the ferry is 15 minutes. The whole system is pretty low tech: when you pull up you either board the waiting ferry or stop, get out, walk over to the pole/rope/sign in the above picture and pull. The sign flips and the ferry captain knows to come back. It seems that you don’t really even need to call; there were cars coming back and cars waiting with us in minutes.

You can see it better here:

Fort Ticonderoga Ferry from http://www.forttiferry.com

$9, 15 minutes to cross, April to October. Even better in a convertible!!
By the time we got home I learned that I had placed solidly in the middle at USAT Nationals; not as good as I used to be, but certainly better than last year.


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