Driving to Burlington, VT

By some miracle I qualified for USAT Age Group Nationals at a race last month and was able to get registered to race. Basically you need to be in the top 10% at a sanctioned race, so I guess its not a miracle, but considering my training time is not what it used to be I’m pleased.

Baca and Grammie agreed to watch Raddy G for two nights while Jake and I go to Burlington. Jake’s birthday is this weekend and a race doesn’t thrill him but an opportunity to drive his Jaguar XJR convertible does. My bike, when completely disassembled, fits in the trunk.

We took the scenic route through Adirondack Park on Route 8, top down, Rolling Stones on the iPod, and an overcast sky. A stop at Suzy Q’s for lunch (a Brie, apple, and bacon panini in the middle of nowhere!) and a six hour leisurely drive found us in Burlington.

Great drive but a frantic scene at the race expo and bike check in—not relaxing!!


One response to “Driving to Burlington, VT

  1. Sounds like a nice trip! Enjoy and good luck-let me know how you did.

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