Wednesday dinner

Well, Kim is in the basement riding her bike on the trainer. I get to cook dinner. She gives me some key ingredients then says “Make me dinner farm boy”. I reply “As you wish” (ala the princess bride) and go on my merry way to undo any good she did on that bike.

She really likes this red and yellow pepper gratin recipe and has made it quite a few times. She bought a pork loin and we always have some sort of salad fixings around.

This pepper gratin calls for 1 1/2 oz sourdough bread to make crumbs with, bah I say, and use… Oh a buttload. Better put a rub on the pork. Also, what would you wrap your pork in? I would wrap mine in more pork. (bacon) Also if I had my druthers I would sear it in pork fat! Hmm. I had 4 pieces of bacon so I decided to wrap the pork loins like a filet, in bacon but,what to sear them in?
Hey! I have two more pieces of bacon that can be used to lubricate a cast iron pan. Sweet! But what to do with the two pieces of bacon I cook to lube up the pan for searing? Aha! I will put them in the food processor with the bread and double the Parmesan cheese called for to top the gratin. That’s American efficiency for you!
I better make this all look somewhat good for you so I focus on the salad. Baby lettuce leaves are a staple here. Good so we’ve got that. A few basil leaves off of the plant in the window… Hmm, there are some cherry tomatoes, a few carrots, and some fresh grated Parmesan cheese. (hey it was out). Now half a slice of Wegmans rosemary and olive oil bread (also out on the counter), a few twists of the pepper grinder, two glasses of heart healthy Fox Run pinot noir and I have what appears to be a healthy meal.

But we know better. And the result?



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