The Pickle, Ice Cream, and Winni

Jake and I have had lunch everyday this week at what used to be “the pickle” (the Pultneyville Pickle, may it rest in peace, was an awesome deli with great cookies on a bike route along the lake). It’s now the Pultneyville Deli Co., so far an excellent replacement, if a bit disorganized in order taking and sandwich building (I’ll forgive them, they’re new!). The PDC is just 1.6 miles from our new house, and we’ve been painting and tearing out carpet and sanding cabinets and eating all of our meals at the deli.

Today was no different, around 1 we headed to the former pickle, I had a BLT on sourdough (they use thick cut bacon and cook it when you order the sandwich) and Jake had a reuben, plus two beers and huge peanut butter cookie for dessert. But that’s not the important part of this story. Winni (and her husband Bruce) is the important part.


As we walked in  we noticed a couple of cyclists changing a tire on the patio. When we came back out to wait for our sandwiches they were still without a wheel on one bike, so Jake asked what was up. Turns out this was the first flat they’d had since North Dakota. That’s right, North Dakota. And that wasn’t even where they started. San Francisco. We are 3200 miles from San Francisco.


Fortunately for all of us Winni is keeping a most awesome blog about their travels across the country on bicycles. I started reading at the beginning tonight while nursing the wee Radichio before bed (total aside: what did people with small, cranky babies do before they had the internet in their hands? I assume they stared at the four walls while nursing or holding semi-sleeping babies…I read blogs, answer email and browse ebay). Winni is a great writer, reader, biker and ice cream lover. She’s even been known to have two ice cream stops in one day!! A woman after my own heart! Go read her now:!!



One response to “The Pickle, Ice Cream, and Winni

  1. Kim, thanks for your comment. I have been giggling over your blog, too. Bruce keeps asking what I’m reading. I hope you have a wonderful trip. I have lots of memories of pumping, freezing, transporting. But my older daughter will be 35 this year. TSA had yet to be invented; even microwaves were pretty novel. Now I have a great new source of entertainment on my travels!

    The tire is all fixed. Thanks for all your offers of help. We made it to Sterling just before the next wave of rain hit.

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