Vacation Without Baby…

We’ve planned many trips but we are entering a whole new realm of travel planning: leaving our baby with the GPs for four days while we go to the Epcot Food and Wine Festival…


On one hand it sounds positively heavenly. Imagine, sleeping more than 3-4 hours at time and past 6AM. Or having more than a drink with dinner. Or wearing clothes without spit, milk, or pee on them. Maybe there is no other hand…


Oh, but there is another hand, a really big one. On top of being worried about how much we’ll miss him and if he’ll be a good sleeper for the GPs we have a food issue that has required months of planning, a big freezer, and the TSA. See, The Rad One is a breastfed baby. He’s also a voracious eater. (aside, you know that thing people say about breastfeeding just melting the pounds off? yeah, well, they lied). He’ll be 7 months old when we leave and will need 4-5 days of breast milk or 27-30 ounces per day or 150 ounces to be safe.


Where will all this come from? You got it. Me. I’ve been building this stockpile since April. Rad is such a big eater that getting any extra has been a challenge. Some days I’m lucky and there’s a whole three ounces for the freezer. Other days its one or two. If I could get three extra ounces every day it would take 50 days to get the 150 we need for vacation, its been more like 60. Here’s another rub. Breast milk is only good for about three months in a standard freezer, so not only have I been working on this stockpile, we have to rotate through what’s in there so that he’s not drinking April milk in October. On days Raddy visits the GPs or I go to work or we go out to dinner he gets stockpile. But that means I have to replace what we took out AND come up with the extra. Who thought this would be so stressful?! Just imagine me at, oh, say, a Motley Crue concert with my breast pump. Or the movie theater. Or the mall. I’ve pumped milk in all of those places. How about a bike shop bathroom ? Driving across Canada with Radicchio in the back seat? Or the Glorious Garlic Festival? Yes, Yes, and Yes.


Okay, so that’s the months of planning and the freezer, how does TSA figure into this? The pumping fun won’t stop while we are gone. I’ll be away from Raddy, but my boobs won’t know that and they will just keep on keepin’ on. In hopes of preserving my production, replacing some of the stockpile, and generally being comfortable I’ll have to hit the pump every few hours while vacationing. And I’m planning to bring some of that pumped liquid freedom back from vacation with me. Ah ha, you say, TSA has the rule about liquid and three ounces and the Ziploc bags. Yes they do, but after much to-do about breastfeeding mothers TSA allows breast milk on planes, even if you don’t have your baby with you. And they allow you to have it visually inspected rather than irradiated (I’m not sure if the x-ray thing matters, but if the microwave gets rid of the good antibodies in milk, I wonder if the x-ray thing does too…).  Successfully doing this is easier said than done however; TSA has had some bad press surrounding women traveling with breast milk.


Given the amount of time I’ve spent attached to a pump and the hassle I’m sure to get at the airport on the way home, this had better be the best four-day vacation ever!!!


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