What is Custard? and Should you be eating it?

One of the many Abbott's Frozen Custard locations


Frozen custard is not ice cream, but I can see how you would be mistaken—they are both creamy and cold and delicious. Custard has more butterfat, more egg yolk and less air than ice cream and is served a bit warmer, so its soft. And its awesome. Alas, I am dairy free for the duration of breastfeeding as it seems the milk proteins are bit hard on his belly (and therefore hard on our us…). Its been two months since I’ve had real dairy. Vanilla almond milk is really pretty good, and Earth Balance fake butter (canola oil solidified, I think) really does taste good. But there is no substitute for a good stinky cheese, what I would give for feta. There is also no real substitute for ice cream or  custard. I’ve tried. Rice Dream tastes like a really shabby version of ice cream, too watery/crystally to be good. Almond Dream fake ice cream is better, but it still like has a weird taste. So I gave in. We were picking up a dresser found on craigslist to serve as Raddichio’s changing table and were driving past Abbott’s Frozen Custard. The Rad One had been very good lately, and we figured maybe one custard wouldn’t hurt. 60 days dairy free and one small chocolate custard couldn’t possibly bring the return of the constantly crying baby, could it? I wish I could say it was true. I ate it. And the next day we had Gassy McFartsabunch in tears for part of the day.


But the big question is, was it worth it?


Chocolate custard (and some dude...)

I’m ashamed to say, yes.


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