Bone Appetit

Bone Appetit-Take Out Menu

I’m not a barbecue expert in that I can’t make ribs or pulled pork and I don’t know the differences between regional styles. I do know that I like barbecue, pretty much all of it, from anywhere. Well, not anywhere; the McRib wasn’t a great idea.

Porn for Foodies

Anyway, the new issue of Saveur showed up Wednesday with ribs on the front and some great articles on regional barbecue (seriously, east and west Carolinas have different styles?!). Mmmm, I want some ribs…pulled pork…corn bread…

Wish granted.

Saturday evening, driving back from a family event two hours away (a blast with our newly-vaccinated-pissed-off baby) we drove by Bone Appetit in Lyons. We had gone by before but there was a serious lack of signage and it wasn’t til this pass that we realized what was going on there.

Jake made a u-turn, I sat with  the Screaming Mimi, and in a few minutes we had a rack of ribs, pulled pork, corn  bread and mac and cheese to go. (Jake must be trying to kill me; I’ve had to go dairy free while breastfeeding the  little man and would probably mug an old lady to eat cheese!! Torture!!)

First things first, little man needs to hit the hay. And by that I mean bath, diaper, eat, lullaby, swaddle, rock-for-freaking-ever then sleep. I also mean reheated ribs.

Ribs, Pulled Pork, and Corn Bread, Oh My!

So, how were they? Awesome! Very smokey and substantial. I liked them as  is but Jake really loves condiments (I think his ratio of food to condiment is 40/60) and would have liked more sauce. Whatever.

I also liked the pulled pork but agreed with Jake when he said it tasted like Spanish rice. Not bad, but different. Oh, and on a huge chunk of white bread, like a whole loaf!

Really, the corn bread got me. Moist, not a dried up crumbly mess like most barbecue places have. If only it was larger…

We plan to return, with little man, for an early dinner (so as to annoy the least number of people with Mr. Fussypants) in their dining room.

And they make pie too…I can’t wait!!


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