Short Trip For Ice Cream (what could go wrong?)

Adam is a month old and while I could just eat him up and squeeze him and pinch his cheeks forever, sometimes I want to be untethered. See, Adam doesn’t travel yet (other than the grocery store, the mall, and the grandparents) but he eats like a champ. And I’m the buffet. The constant buffet. He ate so much the first month that he grew two inches and gained almost three pounds.

So on Wednesday, when it was in the 70s and sunny and Jake was home from work and my parents were visiting I saw the opportunity to sneak away with Jake on the motorcycle to get ice cream. An hour tops. 20 minutes to get there, 20 minutes to enjoy ice cream, 20 minutes home and Adam can eat again and my parents haven’t lost their minds.

The Rocket hasn’t been started since last fall, but it fired right up and Jake ran it around the block to blow the cobwebs out. So far so good.

And then…

Its one thing to know that your jeans don’t fit 5 weeks postpartum, you expect this, and I have one pair that will work for today. Its entirely a different thing to discover that your leather jacket doesn’t fit. Seriously? I’m not that much bigger but my jacket has a trim waist and that’s the part of me it wouldn’t close over. Slight delay as I figure out a solution and wear a men’s jacket instead. I look horrible.

But we are on the bike, and its good and I’m smiling and don’t care that my hair isn’t clean or that I have sweat and milk stains on every garment I own.

And then…

A state trooper.

Certainly we were speeding (have you seen the Rocket?!) but 70 in a 55 on one of the first sunny warm days on a back road should not be against the law. Jake even tried to pull on the guy’s heart strings by saying it was our first outing since having a baby. In the end we got a ticket for disobeying a traffic control device. But even worse, we lost 10 minutes of our very precious hour!! And the trooper finished off with “don’t let me catch you speeding back here again.” Okay, Junior.

The ice cream part of was great and Orbaker’s was as awesome as always. Jake had two ice creams (Yellow Cake and Velvet Cake) and I had a mexican sundae (can’t get enough peanuts and chocolate lately) and we enjoyed the relative silence. Not long enough…

And then…

We pulled in to Adam crying on my Dad’s lap.

Its a good thing he’s cute!!


One response to “Short Trip For Ice Cream (what could go wrong?)

  1. Hi Kim & Jake,
    What a funny story!!! I can just picture you both through this entire ordeal. Kim, you are so detailed and expressive, you set up the entire scene so well. I just loved it!! It sounds like Adam is doing well and he just really loves his Mommy & Daddy so much he just doesn’t want you to ever leave him. I do hope he is doing better with his colic and you are getting a bit more free time and rest. Please send me a new picture of him as I’m sure he has changed already since his birth. I miss you and will talk with you soon. Take good care. Carol

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