Eating with Mom

My mother has proposed a series of articles for the blog based on eating out with her. She has even suggested that I choose all the restaurants and that she won’t complain about any of them. Maybe you like the restaurants and food that I like, but I can tell you, my mom is probably not as interested in eating, oh, say, sweetbreads, as I am. So I have a challenge on my hands!!

The plan is thus:
Mom and I have season tickets to the Rochester Broadway Theater League; six shows a year. We go to dinner before hand, my choice, and I blog about it, with Mom’s input. Things I know my Mom likes: garlic, eggplant, scallops, creamy/buttery things (who doesn’t!!), soups, and coffee with no cream or sugar. She liked everything we made when we came home from Mamma Agata’s cooking class–eggplant rolls, sausage and peppers, farmers pasta, lemon cake…But I’m still worried she won’t like what I pick.

We had our first dinner recently, prior to seeing In The Heights (a great show, by the way, with what Mom called “light” rap) at Jines. This is one of my mother’s favorite and when I lived in the Park Ave neighborhood years ago a regular sunday night event with my parents. (Let me tell this story–I was getting divorced and super depressed and my parents came every sunday to take to me to dinner at Jines, after, they would go square dancing. Have you seen what people wear when square dancing? Well, they don’t look like square dancers all of the time, but they do have some nights that are super dressed up with bolo ties and belt buckles and boots and big skirts and the whole nine yards. So picture super depressed woman in sweats and uncombed hair with two older people dressed to go square dancing. Priceless). Anyway, Jines is a sort of diner, sort of family restaurant, sort of Greek place, and sort of breakfast place. Its always crowded, has an enormous menu and has recently remodeled to increase their seating capacity.

Mom and I often order quiche; they usually have 2 or 3 choices everyday. I had the Mediterranean Quiche and Mom had the Spinach and Ham. We also usually start with one of the soups of the day; today Mom had somthing I’ve compeltely forgotten and I had Lemon Rice Soup. I feel in love with Lemon Rice soup in the diners and middle eastern restaurants of southeast Michigan and had some high hopes for this soup–not disappointed!! Also loved the giant piece of quiche–more filling than egg and tons of spinach. Mom ate hers, and when she ordered she said that she loves spinach, but then when it came she said there was a lot of spinach, and not in a good way. Mine had a lot too, so I’m not sure if she liked it or not.

Consistent, that’s Jines. Our only complaint tonight was lack of water refills. It was a Tuesday, and I think they were a bit short staffed because normally that is not a problem.

Our next show is West Side Story in May (we are missing The Lion King as run coincides with my due date) and I’m thinking about a few places I’d like to try. One is Lento, a restaurant focused on locally available products and season foods. The other is Mise En Place, a market/restaurant hybrid. Both are a little off of Mom’s regular palate, but I think some items will interest her.


5 responses to “Eating with Mom

  1. Lento is one of my favorite restaurants in Rochester (which i believe lacks foodie type restaurants), also Two Vine!

    • Two Vine is great! Its not as bad here for foodie restaurants as it was in Detroit!, but I agree they are harder to find and don’t last very long!! And its seem that some with potential end up being not very good, or unable to maintain their original ‘goodness’–Bistro 135 in East Roch comes to mind. It was awesome when it opened, but it changed after a year or two and started serving pre-prepared items from the deep fryer…they lost me after that.

  2. I would recommend Owl House.. right in Rochester – organic/vegetarian/vegan type food.

    P.S. I LOVE JINES! Ask Kim A. about that. 🙂

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