Pizza in Rome (day dreaming much?)

Here’s the long train of thought that got me to pizza in Rome:

We went to the  movies on saturday (to see The Fighter–loved it) and saw a preview for a movie whose name escapes me. In any case, it’s about exorcism, but it is set in Rome, and one particular scene in the preview shows Anthony Hopkins standing in a park/church lawn that overlooks the Tiber in the direction of St. Peter’s and the Vatican. We’ve stood right there. So of course I now want to see this movie even though I’ll be completely freaked out for days because of the scary exorcism parts.

So Rome on the brain.

Then last night I was making Eggplant Gratin to go with steaks for dinner (so easy….slice eggplant, skinny ones, 1/4 inch thick, salt and pepper and put on cookie sheet in 375 oven for 15ish minutes. Slice zucchini and plum tomatoes. Layer eggplant/tomato/zucchini, top with parmesan, oregano, pepper and as much garlic as you can stand, repeat, bake at 400 for an hour, covered, uncover for 10 more minutes and yippee–yummy veggies) and thought about Mamma Agata and eggplant and cooking school and Italy.

So today, with those two things on the brain I started poking around in my cooking materials. I don’t have books so much as ripped and stained shreds of paper with recipes or ingredients lists. And lots of book marks on my iPhone. That probably explains why I’m on my third iPhone…its dangerous to  use your phone so close to liquid and fire. Anyway, poking around and I found some old issues of Saveur, which made me think that I should subscribe to it again, which made me go to their website, which has a link to Katie Parla’s blog (so do I…) which I hadn’t read in a while (because I’m so jealous that she gets to eat and write and live in Rome).  So over to I go.

What do I find?

Pizza. Pizza like you can’t get anywhere else, at Pizzarium, near the Cipro Metro stop, a bit northwest of the Vatican. And not only pizza, but a two day pizza class (sorry, the link is Italian…), in Monti, near the Cavour Metro stop, right there near everything one wants to do in Rome, lead by the man who makes the Pizzarium pizza!! Katie wrote an article, sadly, it’s all Italian, but she also took some amazingly mouth-watering pictures that have me ready to order a second (or third) rate pizza from the local shop.

Pizza Class at Tricolore, Rome, Italy

Just to give you a sense of location, here’s a map with Pizzarium, Tricolore and the last hotel we stayed in while in Rome (hotel is in between the two, and according to google walking directions, the two restaurants are 3 miles apart on foot, a more meandering path that follows more interesting streets was 3.2–totally doable, especially if you plan to eat tons of pizza!!):


4 responses to “Pizza in Rome (day dreaming much?)

  1. Thank you kindly for this shout out!!! I’ll have a post coming out on Bonci, Pizzarium and the class very soon. In the meantime, happy daydreaming!

    PS loved the fighter too:)

  2. Great blog, so glad to find it.
    The pizza class with Bonci was fantastic! I loved every minute of it. You can visit my blog, for a few posts, with recipes and tons of photos, for more info. Daydream away!

  3. Joshua Westlund

    We found Pizzarium on a whim, so our skulls (and later our bellies) nearly exploded. The best pizza we’ve ever had. We had no idea who Bonci was, yet when he came outside to take a break and chat with another employee on break, we could just tell what a massive personality he is, and how kind and funny. After leaving Rome for Naples, we tried to return for more glorious Pizzarium slices, but, alas, they were closed. Thanks for helping us find more info on this great place and amazing chef.

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