Follow up on places to go; Place To Eat This Year!!

I love eating now more than ever, unfortunately, I can only fit a tiny bit into my squished stomach. On the upside, I do get to eat more often! So, when I can eat whatever I want in normal human sized quantities again these are the places I want to eat:

1. Bronx Deli: I want a large pastrami sandwich, not a small one, and a whole basket of fries, not one to share. You would think I’d head to NYC for such a sandwich, but I’m hooked on the Bronx Deli in Pontiac, MI…

2. Sticky Lips Pit BBQ: Oh, they have every kind of rub and sauce, they deep fry pickles, have awesome fried green tomatoes, ratatouille and the best ribs ever. Why people in Rochester, NY insist on Dinosaur when this place is less crowded and more tasty will always escape me. Plus, if you dig tattooed waitresses, this is the place to go.

3. The New York Wine and Culinary Center: I’ve only had one meal here but I was very impressed both with the food and the service. I thought the pairings were well done too. My preference is for the patio, but it’s not the greatest view in the world–too much boat dock, not enough boat dockless water…

4. Bill Gray’s: I think it’s the pregnancy talking, but I want a white hot (pardon the wikipedia link, but that’s the best description!!).  It’s so incredibly regional but I don’t understand how–it’s so good!!! I prefer mine with hot sauce, but my mom likes it everything (and at Bill Gray’s everything doesn’t really mean everything…there was this time, when a new girl didn’t know that everything doesn’t really mean everything and my mom wasn’t pleased. Being 13 years old I was mortified…)

White Hot, from Bill Gray's

5. Bistro Du Coin: Again, it might be pregnancy, it might be how much I love the Cassoulet du Bistrotier (mmm, duck and pork and lamb…). It’s not the crowded tables or ‘french’ service, that’s for sure, but I do love the food.

6. The French Laundry: No, not the California one, the Fenton, MI one, silly!! Sandwiches as big as your head, pies, pastries, and cakes all served on vintage tables and chairs? I love it. Thank God AtotheB bought a house near Fenton, I’ll have double extra excuses to go visit her! And Sharon G, if you hadn’t dragged me out of my way to this tiny town that wasn’t on our agenda I would have missed out on some of the best food in Michigan–thanks!

And now? Now I’m going to eat in my own kitchen…left overs. So sad.


One response to “Follow up on places to go; Place To Eat This Year!!

  1. I just love reading all about your adventures and your great suggestions on places to visit or eat!!!!! It’s all great!!!

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