41 Places to Go in 2011

Okay, so the NYT is way more ambitious than I am; 41 places might stretch my pregnancy addled brain!! So here’s my list of places I’d like to go this year, or ever…not that we’ll be going very far in the forseeable future, what with baby boy beanie in tow!

1. Duh, Disney World. Do you people not know me yet? Of course this time I’d like to partake in the Wine part of the Food and Wine Festival. Bacca and Grammie have already promised to watch the Bean while Jake and I partake of the refreshments and designated drivers (AKA, Disney Transportation).

2. The Willamette Valley in Oregon, to taste wine…oh, who am I kidding, I want to do more than taste it!

3. Napa. We can’t afford it. Well, we can afford it, its just I have trouble paying for 4 days in Napa what I pay for 10 days in Italy. Even so, someday. Napa.

do you sense a theme?

4.  Turkey, specifically the Aegean Coast on a gullet cruise. Maybe alone, maybe with people we don’t know, maybe with CS and her Turkish husband.

5. New Orleans. I’ve never been. Seems like something one ought to do.

6. Zanzibar. I think its fate; its on the NYT list and I just read a book that begins in Zanzibar. Most describe it as being a great beach trip after an African Safari. I’d like the African Safari too, but mostly the beach trip (and the descriptions in the entirely fictional adventure novel I just read) have me interested.

Pipe dreams this year!! In reality, I think I’ll be thrilled if I make it through my trip to the birthing center and back. Throw in a few visits to the gym and we may ourselves well traveled this year!


One response to “41 Places to Go in 2011

  1. Love this list! Do try to do NOLA…it really is an experience. I grew up there and love it! And Napa, you can do it for less we did it earlier this year!

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