Where have we been?

Heavens, we’ve been everywhere and nowhere and I’ll totally use Beanie as an excuse for not posting anything about travel or food. Rest assured I’ve been eating…

I’ve got this craving for a cross between Mexican, Tex-Mex and Southern food that can’t be stopped! Cat (from Garlic Festival Fame) joined me for dinner twice in the last few weeks; once for fajita at Abuela’s and once for jambalaya at Howe’s Bayou.  And there has been a fair amount of making chili at home too. Try this: Pumpkin Black Bean Chili…trust me…

Earlier this month I went to DC to visit some girlfriends and have a girly weekend that included a run (a slow run–I was 24 weeks pregnant!!) on the mall with Currie, breakfast at Eastern Market on Capitol Hill (best pancakes ever), a massage at Tusuva in Adams Morgan, and dinner at Acadiana with the girls.

Acadiana was awesome, although they could do a better job letting you know about valet parking. We paid $15 in the lot across the street but discovered we could valet for $7!! Now we know.  Like all restaurants in DC, it’s probably overpriced and overhyped, but I’ve been craving gumbo and wasn’t about to make it myself.  So gumbo it was, the appetizer version, chicken and sausage. And for my entree…charbroiled oysters with parmesan cheese and (the only reason to eat an oyster) garlic butter. Happy tummy, happy mommy, happy baby…

After returning from DC and visit with my brother’s family (their pancakes are pretty good too) Jake and I had Bibimbap at Asahi and discovered that maybe it’s that umami thing I’ve been craving. That and ice cream.

Two weeks ago I had pastrami sandwiches at the Bronx Deli with Sweet Daddy Hauser and thought I’d died and gone to heaven…Seriously, how have I lived near this place for three years and not gone in. I’ve only got 10 days left in Michigan but I fully plan to eat another pastrami sandwich here.

For New Year’s Eve we headed to the top of the RenCen with Max and Cat for dinner at Coach Insignia. I get that you are paying for the 73rd floor view, but don’t discount their ability to turn beef and potatoes into the kind of deliciousness that causes audible sighs. Again, happy tummy, happy mommy, happy baby. And since I can hardly fit more than five bites in my stomach at a time, I got to take home a huge chunk of strip steak.

I’ve also rediscovered the joy that is a bacon cheeseburger and fries. Without question, it had been years since the last one when I had a platter a few weeks ago, on a day when I cried because McDonald’s had stopped serving Egg McMuffins already and it was all I wanted. You know what? Bacon cheeseburgers and seasoned fries from Max and Erma’s can scratch that same itch. Surely not the best burger around, but for the long deprived, I’m happy.

And what do I have to show for my efforts? 26 pounds in 29 weeks. A relatively normal amount of weight to gain, a little higher than average, but nothing my OB worries about. Strangely though, I haven’t gained anything in a month! I was 26 pounds up at 24 weeks…I wonder if giving into the cheeseburger has prevented me from eating everything else I can find? And after looking at this face, how could you tell me I’ve done a bad job?

Baby Boy Beanie at 28 weeks, 3 days

They say he’s big, estimated at 72nd percentile. They say I’m measuring big too, about three weeks ahead, but mostly due to a high but still normal amount of fluid.

And here I’d hoped for a skinny, small, pencil shaped baby…


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