Le Blanc Spa Resort, Cancun, Mexico

Wedding, Le Blanc

I know, I’ve been remiss in posting this…its been a month since we returned from our wedding/honeymoon/babymoon in Mexico and, well, I’m just lazy I suppose!

We can’t recommend Le Blanc enough. I was very leery of all-inclusives; I don’t want anyone bugging me to play volleyball and I really don’t want to eat bad food. Jake however, is a huge fan of all-inclusives. I’m not sure if it’s the unlimited booze or the unlimited lounging that he likes, but he’s been trying to get me on board for a while.

When we decided to give Beanie married parents we also determined that an all-inclusive would be a great way to combine the wedding and honeymoon, feel like we’d done something special, and avoid a lot of planning headaches. My only caveat was that we had to go to a five-star resort, because I want to eat great food if I can’t do anything else while there! (really, I couldn’t even go on some excursions because of pregnancy–no swimming with dolphins, no all day hikes of Mayan ruins, no parasailing…).

For the first time ever I even used a travel agent! Unheard of! This vacation really took me out of my element, I didn’t plan, barely did research, and had not a single spread sheet. Liberty Travel did it all, airfare (even our complicated airfare from two cities) and booking Le Blanc. From there I was put in touch with the wedding coordinator who made it very easy to plan a symbolic ceremony–pick from these 10 flowers, pick from these two cakes, pick a song you like, pick a time, okay…lets get married!

I did spend a fair amount of time reading reviews on trip advisor, and pretty much failed to find a bad word about Le Blanc. Everything we read was true. The service is outstanding, from the moment the staff is attentive and accommodating. Every thank you offered is rebuffed with ‘its a pleasure.’ In truth it was a little difficult for me to get used to people carrying my towels to my pool chair or my breakfast plate from the buffet, and I’m also sure more than four days would have made me nuts for something to do, but we will go back.

The Room: either book or use your resort dollars to upgrade to ocean view (there are some lagoon view), each room has a sliding glass door that turns your sitting area, with whirlpool tub, into a balcony. The mini bar is well stocked and included (I ate my weight in peanut m&ms…lay off, I’m pregnant) and the bed was probably the best hotel bed I’ve ever slept in. The vanity and bath area was smallish with little storage, but two-headed shower makes up for that. Bathrobes, slippers, products and plenty of towels are a huge plus. Each night there is a turn-down service with chocolate treats (not just wrapped chocolates either, but little chocolate art projects that change everyday).

Whirlpool Tub, Wedding Night, Le Blanc (the sliding doors are behind the drapes)

The Food: We ate in three of the four full service restaurants, as well as the breakfast buffet and the pizza bar. All were much better than I expected from all-inclusive food with our favorite being the Asian (really!! I couldn’t believe it) and our least favorite, but definitely not a bad meal, being the Italian. Again, outstanding service from waiters and buffet staff. We tried not to over indulge just because it was included so we didn’t order food from the pool wait staff. But it all smelled very good!

Scallops and Pesto, Le Blanc

The Drinks: Jake had plenty, top shelf, what ever he wanted, all day. I had virgin everythings. The bartenders were very nice to me, concocting all kinds of fruity or chocolaty frozen drinks while serving Jake gin and tonics. Jake also had wine with dinner each night, a bottle, not a glass.

Virgin Pina Colada, Le Blanc (all the glasses were tippy like that!)


The Spa: I had a great time. Jake, not so much. He sunburned himself into a red swollen mess and instead of massage had a sunburn treatment that included paper elasticized underpants and saran wrap. (oh, how I wish I could have seen that!). I had a pre-natal massage that made me never want to leave. When we go back I will be spending all of my resort credits here.

The Pools: Ocean front infinity edge pool with spa music playing…what else can be said. I could sit there all day.

The Gym: Best hotel gym I’ve ever used. Full free weight section, plenty of cardio machines, Pilates class, yoga class, spinning class. Awesome, used it everyday.

The Stuff We Didn’t Do: No excursions, but they have tons. We didnt’ have the beach dinner-it seemed awfully windy and dark when we looked at the couples trying to eat on the beach. The french restaurant, Lumiere, with the 7 course tasting menu-Jake’s sunburn put him to bed early that night, so I ordered a club sandwich and fries from room service as was quite happy! 

The Wedding: We did the complementary package which includes music, flowers, cake, and officiant in the wedding gazebo. The photography was extra, but the resort allows you to use your resort credits for that as well, so in the end we paid only $65 to have our album shipped home. I honestly didn’t expect much, why would you, they aren’t making any money off of you for this and they have to give you a service that only a few people take advantage of. But I was wrong, they treated our free wedding with as much care as a larger, more expensive event. Certainly we were limited in selection of flowers, cake and location, but the flowers were beautiful, the cake delicious, the location ideal. They even played the music we requested (not very traditional, our coordinator was worried that she’d downloaded the wrong thing when Isaac Hayes started singing…). Even the officiant was outstanding, I cried like a baby, but you can blame pregnancy hormones if you want. My only complaint and it’s really not something to complain about is that you don’t get digital copies of photos. I’m sure if you are willing to pay more you can get them, but the package we selected included only the prints of all pictures. So forgive the poor images…I took pics of pics to get these!

Wedding Gazebo, Le Blanc


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  1. This was really helpful. I’m seriously considering LeBlanc. Can you tell me about how much total you spent?

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