Disney Parks Overload Day, Part 3:

I’ve been absent, sorry. We had this little wedding thing to take care of in Mexico…the posts are coming…

Anyway, Part 3 of the never ending day…

After the nap at the nap at the pool we dressed for dinner at California Grill, you know, a suit, dress, heels, and headed to the Contemporary Hotel (home of Cali Grill) in our fancy car. Our reservation was for 9:30.

Back when doing my planning I discovered that The Main Street Electrical Parade would still be going on during our trip and I wanted to see it more than I wanted oxygen. This parade was retired 10+ years ago and made its temporary return over the summer. I love love love it and have always disliked SpectroMagic, the replacement parade (those creep horn blowing masks just bug me). I want to see the spinning ladybug and Cinderella in her carriage and Pete’s Dragon, not crazy horror movie masked figures playing trombones. During our trip the parade was running only twice-while we were at Victoria and Albert’s for dinner and tonight. It was one of those things that looked great on paper, tour all day, short nap, parade at 9, dinner at 9:30. No problem.

We parked at the hotel, easy to do with the dinner ressie (impossible if you do not have one or are not a guest–its much more convenient to the Magic Kingdom than the actual MK parking lot), at 8PM and walked over to MK. I’d wisely brought sandals with me, so I didn’t do this part in heels, but we were very very overdressed for a theme park and were given the once over by pretty much everyone. We went straight in and stood in front of the train station on Main Street and waited. The day was catching up to us and the 30+ minutes we were going to be waiting for the parade to begin was making us cranky. Popcorn to the rescue (yes, we have hour before dinner!). We people watched, ate our popcorn, answered the question “where are you going?” 1000 times, and did our good deed for the day.

A family stopped behind us and were having a discussion about the parade and waiting and not really understanding why everyone lines up so early etc. I turned to them and said that if you want to see the parade on Main Street then you must line up early (in my view, a waste of time if you visiting for more than the parade), but if you don’t care where you watch, then head to Frontierland while all the folks line up, go on Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain and Haunted Mansion AND THEN watch the parade as it finishes up over there. It will take 20 minutes to reach you once it starts on Main Street and you don’t need to hold your seat for 30 minutes beforehand. The tweenage daughter in the family looked at me and said I was her new favorite person, that she badly wanted to go on Splash and Thunder and see the parade and no one could figure out how to do it all. Made my night!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys in girls, in just a few minutes

I love and hate that announcement!! The parade starts and I’m so happy we came, it’s just what I remember (with some new floats); happy and bright and loud and all Disney. And when it was done we immediately walked very very fast back to the parking lot, changed my shoes and headed up to California Grill to check in.

The Wishes fireworks were set for 10PM and we hoped we would have our table by then, but it seemed people were camping out in order to watch them from their tables. 10 came and went and we hadn’t been seated so we asked if we could take the spots at the chef’s bar in front of the sushi chef. It’s a great place to sit, but honestly, we were so tired and so full of rich food that even though we loved our dinner, we just wanted it to be over so we could go home.

Terrible of us!! We didn’t take pictures of it, I can’t even remember what we ate (other than some really good sushi–don’t start with me, pregnant women in Japan eat it all the time), just that we were out of there before 11 and never so happy to lay down in our bed.

On the way home we discussed the next day. Jake can’t stand the thought that he has paid for a day of vacation and isn’t making the most of it by attending everything. I feel that making the most of it is doing what ever you want and if what you want is to sleep in, play mini golf and lay by the pool, then you should do that. He’s coming to my side…(you should see him at an all-inclusive–if he’s not eating something or drinking something he is convinced he’s not getting his money’s worth, then he ends up unhappily full and sick to his IBS/lactose intolerant stomach).

I win. The next day is a day of nothing…


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