Disney Parks Overload Day: Part 2

Lunch. Where better than more snacking around the world showcase?! We headed back to the Boardwalk hotel and walked to Epcot from our parking lot headed straight for France and Escargot in Brioche. Whatever you may think, escargot are like all things that live in shells: vehicles for butter and garlic. And these were no exception to the rule, three buttery little messes in three tiny brioche, mmmm. I also got the chance to talk with a couple who had run the Wine and Dine Half Marathon on Saturday night and it made me so jealous!! The race started at 10PM and ended in Epcot at an after party in World Showcase. They food booths were open and more importantly, the booze booths were open.

Can I do this race next year? We’ll see…

Next stop was Belgium, again (we were here yesterday and dropped our waffle) for mussels in garlic cream.  Then there was Australia and baramundi, South Africa and tenderloin with sweet potatoes, the Norway pavilion Maelstrom ride, Mexico’s boat ride, some coconut shrimp thing for Jake and pair of cranky pants for me.

It doesn’t seem like much time to do all that, but it was about 3:30 and we’d been going since 8 and,oh, I’m pregnant. Jake has been reading pregnancy books (thank goodness someone is reading them, I’m not!) and declared that I needed sugar. I think a nap was more like it, but he bought me a mango smoothy that actually perked me up for a while. Maybe there is something to those books…

There was more food, a charcuterie plate, some cheese soup and god help me, I managed to fit a mickey bar on top of all of that. We dragged our asses back to the hotel and I took a little nap by the pool in preparation for part 3, The Main Street Electrical Parade and California Grill (AKA I must be stupid to think I have this kind of energy).


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