Disney Parks Overload Day: part 1

I’ve told you about the food, but haven’t filled you in on the parks. I have to say, it’s not the same fun for me as a pregnant lady! My favorite rides are the things that require you to be free from heart problems, back problems and fetuses. No Expedition Everest, no Dinosaur, no Tower of Terror, no Rockin’ Roller Coaster, no Big Thunder Mountain, no Space Mountain. Not that there aren’t other things we love (food, duh!) but I was a little wary that we wouldn’t have as much fun as usual. I should have been worried about being tired!

Our first stop on the big parks day was Animal Kingdom.

Us, Animal Kingdom Entrance

Because we are staying on Disney owned property we get to take advantage of Extra Magic Hours; times earlier or later than normal operating hours for Disney property guests only. If you can arrive just a bit before the opening and take advantage of this too you are looking at a much less crowded morning with the chance to hit a bunch more rides than if you show up later. (Honestly, if you can’t get there til 11, you will just wait and wait for everything…). So we arrived just a few minutes after 8 for the morning Extra Magic Hours and headed straight to Kilimanjaro Safari. This ride is always best in the morning when its cool and the animals are looking for breakfast. This ride and Expedition Everest are the first stops for tons of people and it really depends on what you prefer to do first. In the past we’ve sent one person to get Fast Passes (ride tickets with a return time allowing you to skip the line) for one while the other gets in the full line. Since I can’t go on roller coasters we just did Safari.

Our plans for the day also included the Pangani Forest Walk (we saw some big ass gorillas and the fattest toad on earth, really, it is), the FLights of Wonder (a bird show sounds dull, but we love this thing!), Its Tough To Be A Bug 4D (another of my faves) and just a general wandering around. We also hope to see Devine, a performance artist who basically looks like a vine. Trust me, worth it. Jake keeps calling her Ivy though.

I also like to get character pictures. Normally we would only do this if the lines were really short because we would be doing more ride, but since we’ve got more wandering this time and less rides, we got tons of pictures:

All the pictures are from Photopass Photographers. We don’t even bother with a camera anymore while at Disney, because these guys are everywhere. At the first one you see, stop, get a photo taken, and a card. Everytime you see one after whip out your card, get another photo. Usually the photographers take multiples and often there are speciality additions to the pictures. For example, you might look like you are holding Tinkerbell in your hands, or baby Simba in your arms. Once back at home you can order the prints you like or you can order a CD of all the pictures taken. We pre-ordered this (head over to Stitch Kingdom for order info) for $100 and had more than 50 pictures. You can edit them online before getting the CD, cropping, adding borders and messages or even canceling the pre-order if you don’t like any pictures.

By the time we finished the rides and shows we were interested in and had all our pictures taken it was nearly lunch time. As much as I would have like a plate of ribs from Flame Tree Barbecue, we hadn’t even come close to finishing our sampling of Food and Wine Festival offerings, so its back to Epcot for more eats!


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