Upcoming Disney Trip, Backstory, Part 3:

What could be so big as to change not only your Disney Trip, but your race at nationals and your life? 

No, we didn’t win the lottery.

That's not a peanut, its a baby!!


Yup, we went got ourselves knocked up. We also aren’t very smart. It took us nearly 9 weeks to figure it out. Seriously. I know you wonder how a person could be 9 weeks pregnant and not know it, but I assure you, its possible. Between my heavy training, the vacation in Italy, the condo remodeling and a more than full time job, I honestly didn’t notice. I wasn’t sick, but I as tired. That’s not new. I’m always tired. And I was hungry. But also not new, 12-15 hours a week of workouts will make you hungry. What, you may ask, finally did it? I got slower. And as I got slower and slower I started to do some counting…Jake finally figured it out.

It’s like they let anyone have babies!

So it changed some stuff. Remember Traverse City and the Tesoro Inn? Yeah, no wine at my wine dinner. And how about Halfmax Nationals? Dropped out. (oh, but I did have a huge personal best time in a race in July and I was about 3 weeks then and didn’t know it…). And the Disney Food and Wine Festival? It just changed its name to the Disney Food and More Food Festival.

This meant no crazy plane travel schedules, no worries about dinner the first night, and no wine with dinner…I booked a new flight (see my previous post on Delta) and changed our first night dinner to Artist Point at 7:45.  And don’t even get me started about trying to fit into my dinner clothes at 16 weeks…lets just say I’ve done my share of shopping in the last two weeks.

So, we leave tomorrow afternoon for four nights in at the Boardwalk Villas and five days of eating til will burst.

Expect pictures of half empty plates soon!


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