Bacco for my Birthday

Okay, its a little early for my big 4-0, but one of my BFFs is heading to Italy for two weeks and wanted to celebrate before I left. I said she could just take me to Italy with her, but it seems they are doing a vow renewal and, frankly, I wasn’t welcome. They will be in Positano though…probably not to swim from boats for wine… 

Anyway, after a full day of rewarding work improving the education system of Michigan…hmmm, no, after a full day beating our heads against the wall that is the education system in Michigan we headed to Bacco for dinner. Its been cooler lately, but last night was pleasant and we picked a sunny table on the patio and for the first time in what felt like weeks talked about stuff that wasn’t work related. 

I’d expressed to Amy earlier that she needed to have fresh figs and prosciutto while in Positano, that we were so obsessed with figs when we came home two years ago we ate them constantly. In fact, I just a recipe (like you need recipes for sandwiches) Prosciutto, Fig and Manchego Sandwich

Prosciutto, Fresh Fig, and Manchego Sandwiches

Prosciutto, Fresh Fig, and Manchego Sanwiches


mmmm, figs and prosciutto,mmmm 

Anyway, as soon as I saw the Fig, Ricotta and Honey appetizer I insisted we order it. Bacco was nice enough to split it for us (nice true Italian touch) and it was everything I had hoped. Sweet but not too sweet, with the creaminess of the cheese and some crunch in the pine nuts. I loved it. Amy didn’t finish hers, but she at 3/4 of it, so I assume she wasn’t pretending to like it. 

Fresh Figs and Ricotta with Honey, Bacco


Imagining I was in Italy again I got all excited about multiple courses. Someday I’ll learn. For my salad I ordered the Insalate Carciofi–a perfect cylinder of artichokes, cous cous, fresh tomatoes, and avocado. I should have stopped here, but I ate it all, plus the bread, and the pureed white bean dip that came with it. As if they were never brining food to me again. 

Insalate Carciofi, Bacco


OF course, I failed to take pictures of the last two courses. It wouldn’t be a meal if I didn’t get so excited about eating that I forgot my job. For dinner I had quail with a bean and mushroom ragu that completely nailed the flavors–the earthy bean and mushroom with the fresh tomatoes was well done and the quail was moist with nicely done skin. Since it was my birthday I also got dessert. I know, a total shock. Banana and Chocolate Cake. Sooooo good!! Carmelized bananas on the side with a vanilla and caramel sauce, and a layered cake of what was very similar to banana bread (but more cake like) with chocolate ganache and vanilla fillings topped with fresh whipped cream. 

You would love a picture!! It was gone before I even thought about it.


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