We’re back, online I mean!

The move from one Michigan place to another Michigan place left us lacking in internet connections for a while. In that time you’ve not missed a thing! We didn’t travel, or eat out other than fast food.

The biggest excursion was actually yesterday, to Hell, Michigan. Yes, we have a town named Hell; it has a post office, an ice cream store and a make shift chapel for those who would like to say they married in Hell. I go there once a year for Dances With Dirt, a relay race through mud, rivers, fields, Hell, horse trails, and trees. 250 5 person teams compete for 100 kilometers, get completely filthy (seriously, at least two legs of this race involve traversing mud pits that are chest deep), scraped and bruised, tired and sometimes drunk. Yesterday was no exception!

This event it one of my favorite races, not because I love this kind of running (I don’t) but because I love the people. I’ve raced this for the last 8 years with four guys I love to see and 5-6 other teams of folks we know. For many of us this is the only time we see each other face to face all year so it becomes a full weekend of making dinner reservations for 40 people and overtaking the Chelsea Comfort Inn.

I miss them all already. Til next year!!


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