Things I Learned Today:

I know we all hate airlines right now, between the baggage fees and crowded overhead bins and lack of free soda is the sense that someone’s hand in is our wallet.

And then Delta lays this one on me. A $105 flight that I need to change will require a $150 change fee and a $50 fee for generally being a pain in the ass. Okay, I’m not even sure what the last $50 was for, I was so flabbergasted that a change fee could actually be more than the ticket that I stopped listening. It will actually be cheaper for me to buy another ticket than to change my current reservation. I found the ticket I need on Airtran, for $85.

The thing that really gets me is how smart I thought I was being when I purchased these Delta tickets. See, we are planning to go the Disney Food and Wine Festival, but I need to go to Myrtle Beach the day before to race USAT Club Team Nationals and Halfmax Championship. That’s right, I NEED to. Except now I don’t. Thus the change. Anyway, the smarty pants in me was all excited that I was going to work the system to get these tickets for free. See, about two months before I planned to book these I got an offer from American Express for the Blue Sky Card. If you charged $500 in the first 60 days you would $300 in travel credits, something that would normally require spending $22, 500 to get. Plus the purchases would be interest free for a year. No brainer, right? So I did it, got my credits, bought my tickets (Detroit to MB to Orlando to Detroit) for $320, applied my credits (just yesterday!!) and paid $20 for this crazy set of flights.

Yeah, so today I’m out for a big workout and realize there is no way I’m racing nationals this year, at least not well enough to make it worth my time and a bunch of crazy flights. On my best day I was going to have about two hours between crossing the finish line and my flight to Orlando for the Food and Wine Festival. It is evident I am not going to have my best day. I’m also probably not going to score team points or qualify for Team USA (I made it last year and turned down my slot–SO STUPID!!). So why bother, right? Just change the flight, show up at a reasonable hour WITH Jake rather than 5 hours after him and have a nice long weekend.

And then Delta tells me $200 to change the flight. So in the end, I’ll probably buy the $85 ticket, try not to feel too bad about my wasted AmEx credit, and really try not to feel bad about missing nationals (or the fee I already paid to race…).


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