All Inclusive or Not?

We’re looking at all-inclusive. Jake’s done it, I have it and I have to tell the truth; I don’t think I like it. In my mind I see annoying ‘hosts’ trying to get me to play beach volleyball and bartenders pouring weak drinks and food made in a central kitchen by cooks one step from Ruby Tuesday. Jake sees all play and no work. No planning, no thinking, no budgets.

I’ll just say it: I like planning.

I like the research, the spreadsheets, the scouring of obscure message boards, the search for the great local restaurant, the little known shop, the B&B that was right there if you would only look. All-inclusives take that joy away. But then again…it could be good to let someone else do it. I love Disney, and how different can this be? Insulated, fake, pre-planned. 

Maybe a 5 star? I want good food. And no rowdy people. I’m not sold yet, but I think Jake is making progress.

(Jake says: of course I’m making progress, she can’t pass up the free booze and the swim up bars. Just ask her about that time in Texas…plus, I’m a man and what I say goes. I’ll pretend I didn’t hear you snickering at me.)


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