Where Have We Been?

I can tell you it isn’t traveling and eating. Okay, we ate. McDonalds. Panera. Gus’s Coney Island. Peanut Butter Cups. Cheap Beer. It’s the fuel of construction.

See, right before we went to Italy we snagged a short sale condo that was too good to pass up and will serve as my residence while I work in Michigan (there’s a long story…). It needed some work.

Living/Dining/Kitchen Before


If you could only see how poorly done the work was on that partition wall: no drywall, only paneling that someone had filled in the gaps on and painted; shelving cut with a what must have been a hand saw; more caulk to hide bad workmanship than you can imagine. So, Jake, being extra super handy (he is building the grouse), said no problem, lipstick and rouge, baby, lipstick and rouge….

Famous last words.

So, now we are at least 70 hours in. Jake has had at least one complete breakdown (including breaking a board with his forehead out of frustration), nothing in the place is remotely square, and at least one light switch goes to nothing that we can find. But we’ve got new floor in the kitchen and entry, a reconfigured partition around the kitchen, baseboard and crown moulding, some new wiring. We still need to finish the lights, the bathroom tile, and some trim work.

Living Room/Kitchen/Entry After (that stupid ball light has to go!!)


That’s what we’ve been up to. But this weekend is more great food in a cool place. We are headed to Traverse City to celebrate Jake’s birthday!


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