Does My Breathe Stink? AKA The Glorious Garlic Festival

It should. White Garlic, Red Garlic, Elephant Garlic, Dried Garlic Chips, Pickled Garlic, 40 Clove Pulled Pork, Eggplant and Garlic, Tomatoes with Mozzarella and Garlic…it’s a good thing we were surrounded by 2000 other garlic eaters, but I suspect I still stink.

Glorious Garlic


We arrived at Fox Run Vineyards just after 1, with empty livers and hungry bellies (and fresh breath). That didn’t last long. Four 40 Clove Pulled Pork sandwiches, Hummus and Chips, and Tomatoes and Moz plus two bottles of Fox Run Dry Riesling and we were ready to start tasting garlic.

Who Doesn't Want More Garlic and Wine?

Cat, Max, and Jake Doing What They Do Best (and look at that sky!)

Wait Until You Can Drink Them!

 In truth, I’d never realized how many varieties of garlic there are and how distinctive their raw flavors can be, both by type of garlic and where it came from. I also didn’t realize how many garlic farmers we have in the Finger Lakes Region. As much as I loved the garlic, the find of the day was Butternut Squash Seed Oil from Whole Hearted Foods from right there in Geneva, NY. We bought a bottle without a second thought and started to figure out how to work it into our dinner plans.

Butternut Squash Seed Oil-MMMM!

After  a couple of garlic filled hours and a pretty large wine purchase from Fox Run, we continued down the road to some other wineries: Anthony Road, Prejean, and Heron Hill. All the wineries have pretty much the same thing going on; you pay $5 and you get to taste 5 wines. In the end you have slightly more than a glass for your efforts and usually you find something you like. It’s often not very personal, and there are tons of tour buses and bachelorette parties and the like that make it hard if you really want to know more about the wines themselves. There are also a bunch of wineries that make crap and exist simply because people will stop at each and every tasting room!

Heron Hill was a little different. The winery itself is on Kueka Lake, and they have a stunning tasting room over there, but they also have a location for tasting on Seneca Lake, where we were. They charge $2 for 5 tastings but also give you a very personal and in depth description of each wine you choose. After talking about what kinds of wine the four of us like, he selected some he thought we might appreciate. Clearly their personal attention pays off; we bought three bottles of 2006 Pinot Noir (really, I know the riesling is the way to go in NY, but this was great Pinot). 

After Heron Hill we stopped at Wegmans (good lord, I miss Wegmans when I’m in Michigan, please, Danny Wegman, come to Michigan so I can have all of my groceries inside one building…) for some red peppers, mangos, rosemary/seasalt bread, cheesecake, and raspberries. We already have summer squash and four enormous strip steaks waiting for us at home, plus our new oil and somewhere in the neighborhood of 27,000 bottles of wine.

We used the new oil on the veggies before grilling them, but the big winner with the oil was mango. I know. Its sounds awful, butternut squash seed oil and mango. But the advice from Whole Hearted Foods was to toss mango, the oil and sea salt. So I did. And Oh My God Its Un-freaking-believable.  Sweet mango and salty bite with what really tastes like a bit of butter. Again, I know, its sounds nuts. Buy some. Try this. I swear you will see God.

The rest of the night was spent cooking steaks, drinking wine, eating cheesecake and sitting by the fire out back.

What's Good For Me Is Good For The Wine Industry Too!

I wish all the days could be this good.


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