More Wine?! You Can’t Be Serious…

If I didn’t know better I’d say I have a wee problem with the vino. You’ve read about Italy (no sulfites equals no hangover!) but we haven’t written much about our favorite winery and their wine maker dinners and their festivals and their discounts for good customers on cases of wine.

This weekend is the Glorious Garlic Festival at Fox Run Vineyards in Penn Yan, NY and of course, we are planning to attend with our like-minded-adult-beverage-enthusiast-partners-in-crime from Michigan, Max and Cat. While we are excited to share a new adventure with them, we are also a bit concerned about the state of our NY house. See, it’s a garage that’s a house; a grouse, if you will. Until a few short weeks ago our living room wall consisted of two garage doors. The doors are still there, hanging from the ceiling, but now we have windows (it’s the little things, isnt’ it?). We also have a serious door deficiency, in that we don’t have any interior doors. Not even on the bathroom. Or the other bathroom. We also don’t have a kitchen right now. Not a real one anyway, just a refrigerator and picnic table and a charcoal grill. These are the perils of DIY home construction and probably the subject for another blog, but it has us worried that maybe Max and Cat will decided we are insane and bad hosts to boot.

I’ve prepped them for this. They say its okay. Even the part where you can’t take a shower because we only have a bathtub.

As for Fox Run, they are putting on a great event with music, a Garlic Food Tent (who doesn’t want a 40 clove BBQ pulled pork sandwich!), a Wine Barn (a warn, perhaps?), culinary demonstrations, and of course, wine by the case.  We first discovered Fox Run on our second date, and when I say discovered, I mean that we went there together and really had a great time, not that we didn’t know about it before. Maybe its nostalgia that attracts us, but I’m more inclined to believe its the craftsmanship of their wines and their dedication to a quality product. They’ve been well reviewed by several food and wine publications and are in good company in the Seneca Lake Wine Trail; an area that makes some of the world’s best rieslings.

So, as we introduce Max and Cat to our truly humble NY grouse, we also hope that they like Fox Run and the Finger Lakes as much as we do.

Look forward to some stinky garlic pictures!


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