Kim’s Italy Favorites

Favorite Food:  Lemon and Shrimp Risotto at Il Pino

Risotto at Il Pino, Praiano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Favorite Touristy Thing: Context Travel Underground Rome Tour

Favorite Surprise: Boat Day (not that is was a surprise to rent a boat, but a surprise that we had as much fun as we had)

Favorite Wine: the white ones (duh!!)

Favorite Bad Translation of American Sports Team Names: a tie between the Philadelphia Bagels and the Los Angeles Lagers (seriously, I saw both!)

Favorite Way To Ride A Bike: in high heels 

Woman, Riding Bicycle in Heels, Rome, Italy (and in a dress too!!)


Favorite Snack: prosciutto

Big Gob of Mozzarella with Tons of prosciutto


Favorite Church: St. Ignazio

St. Ignazio ceiling, Rome, Italy

Favorite Spot To Sit On A Plane: an empty row

Favorite Airport Food: Sushi, in Philadelphia (really, it was good!)

Favorite Gelato Flavor: mango (but it has to be from Giolitti)

Favorite Thing About Vacation: planning the next one!!


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