Who doesn’t love a little Dylan?

By that I mean Dylan’s in Grosse Pointe, an awesomely good seafood/piano/watch local drunks restaurant and bar. Sunday night is half price sushi and we totally took advantage tonight. Not that I’ve got pics for you (see the iPhone in garbage can post here). We ordered three rolls (a tempura shrip in lettuce, a tuna with wasabi mayo, and crab and avacado) along with some tuna and yellow tail sashimi.

So good!! Dylan’s sushi, while not traditional I guess, is delicious. and its not like half price sunday sushi is crap either. It tastes exactly like it does on the other nights.

Tonight we had a restaurant.com certifcate to use (which I totally recommend buying for yourself for restaurants you already go to, I spent $8 two weeks ago to get $100 in certs–you have to spend a minimum on your dinner to use the cert, like a $35 dinner bill means you can use a $25 cert that you paid about $2.50 to get, so your mean isn’t free, but its significantly reduced), so we ordered more after the sushi. Six PEI oysters and a plate of crab cakes along with two glasses of wine for me and and two beers for Jake. Before the certificate and with the sushi half price, our bill was $74 and change.  Oh, and we had dessert too, how could I forget!!

I think that sunday’s will be spent at Dylan’s Rawbar from now on. Its a shame, as Dylan’s is right around the corner. Until the end of the month, when Dylan’s will be 17 miles away. Perhaps that condo wasn’t such a great idea…


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