Have phone, will…oops, don’t have phone, won’t…

I managed to carry my iPhone to every meal in Italy, on a small boat for a whole day, and even through the streets of Rome with not one single problem.

Then I get home and promptly drop it in the garbage dumpster.  The garbage-free garbage dumpster. That was left open all night. And it rained. You do the math on this one.

So, I’ve got no way to call or text. I’ve got hundreds of pictures of Italy on it (they are way faster and easier to use in posts than the big fancy camera pictures) including the ones I would have posted today.  I’ve also got no alarm clock now, or a radio, or a calendar. Our account is eligible for an upgrade to iPhone 4, but it takes 7-14 days for that phone to come in. So, I guess I what I’m saying is, if you were expecting a call from me you might not get one.

For those keeping track, this is the third destroyed iPhone.


2 responses to “Have phone, will…oops, don’t have phone, won’t…

  1. Hey! Mingia you gotta FaceTime me your ugly mug when you get that new kit. I’ve yet to try it out, ’cause no one else has one yet that I know of. I like yous guys blog.

  2. Ben Tonkinson

    Ok now I feel dumb, after I posted I read that is a blog from Kim, not Jake. Oh well you can FaceTime me anyway to try it out if you like../

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