The Barnes and Noble Nook

The Nook

The Barnes and Noble Nook


Look what Kim bought me for my birthday! A Nook! And now the only post title I can think of is I Did It All For The Nookie, not that I’ve got a problem with Limp Bizkit, but I can see how that post title might be confusing to someone searching for lyrics rather than eReader reviews.  

Back to the Nook.  

I’ve only had it for a day so my in depth review will have to wait until after vacation but so far I like it. I have the wi-fi/3G version so I can get books pretty much anywhere and downloaded two books last night pretty fast using the wi-fi in our house. The book prices were also fairly reasonable, $7-8, especially considering I didn’t have to go anywhere to get them.  But I’m thinking the real upside of the Nook is the portability. I’ve got more than a few electronics that I carry on vacation and while this adds to that pile, it really subtracts from the heavy book pile (the Nook is the size of three iPhones, Steven King books are the size of shoe boxes).  

I’d also like add that we had an awesome Barnes and Noble Nook expert helping us-Mike W at the Pittsford Plaza B&N. He was patient with our double barrel questioning and constant fiddling with the sample Nooks and covers.  In fact, that’s the only area B&N needs to improve: more masculine Nook covers. I don’t care who Kate Spade is and I don’t want her $130 pink leather Nook cover. Where is the Nook cover with motorcycles? Way too many girly things and I was left with basically three options-gray leather notebook style, gray leather book style, or black leather book style.  I picked gray. Because I’m a man.  

So it seems my bags for italy are ready!!  

  • PSP -check
  • iPhone -check
  • Nook -check
  • Canon camera and lens -check
  • Olympus camera -check
  • netbook -check
  • headphones -check
  • chargers -check
  • outlet adapters -check

I’m sure Kim will tell me I’ve forgotten something.


3 responses to “The Barnes and Noble Nook

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  2. You’ve packed your bags, and they are full of electronics. Did you pack clothes? Are you wearing the nook like a fig leaf?

    “I did it for the nookie, my fig leaf.”

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