Have Netbook, Will Travel

For the longest time we had two laptops that were really on the edge of not fitting on one’s lap. They are heavy and large and required carrying an extra bag. We both lug them around for work but really hated travelling with them.

Enter the netbook. I was really interested in one but sometimes have trouble spending money on something that seems redundant: my big laptop and a netbook pretty much do the same thing, and really, I could spend that money on something else…like shoes. (Before you point out the contradiction here, no, all black shoes do not serve the same function, and yes, I do need another pair!)

Back to the netbook. While visiting Jake’s favorite store to look at bigger, better televisions, I wandered over to the computer area. A techie colleague had mentioned that Asus netbooks were really his favorite and since I trust him I figured I’d go look. I knew I wanted a six cell battery, XP operating system, an SD card reader, and a few USB ports. Size and weight were less important; it’s a netbook, it’s already small!

I ended up buying a Asus Eee PC on the spot and I love it! The price helped, $197 on sale. I’ve been using it for everything, including blogging. I also use an external hard drive so that all my work is easily moved to another computer and I don’t bog down the netbook with files. The only thing I don’t have (and I don’t miss it either) is an optical drive for DVDs.

This vacation will be the first big trip with the netbook and attempting live blogging. We also plan to use our iPhones to blog, in fact I’m
practicing now!

Isn’t my baby Asus cute?


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